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AKA Krappy closets. Luckily I have not run into their krap in a long time. Unluckily I just did run onto an office I was installing a laminate floor in. A sort of custom home office desk set-up. As typical of them they install anything on top of carpet. Desks, shelving, most anything they can secure to a wall instead of the proper way to install desks, cabinets and shelving to the floor.They do it like that because it is fast and easy. They are in and out, grab the check and go without any thought about what would happen if the carpet were to be replaced later with a different floor other than carpet. Still it is inexcusable for them to install their shit, and I mean shit product on top of carpet. Cut out the carpet and did not have enough cabinet to fasten my quarter round to.
Category: Flooring Post By: WILLARD QUINN (Visalia, CA), 02/13/2019

Ernesto said: ? Cut out the carpet and did not have enough cabinet to fasten my quarter round to.Click to expand... Can't picture your dilemma... I did this one recently with same problem. Discussed molding options (customer even tried to get matching cabinet trim from maker) and scribing with a caulk joint...wound up being able to lift up the front enough to get wood under. Towards the back where there was less leeway to lift I wound up undercutting basically just a multi-tool blade thickness.

- KATIE CONTRERAS (Norman, OK), 05/10/2019

You musta had a thinner carpet and pad. There was half inch pad and an extra dense thick carpet on mine. The QR barely touched the bottom of the cabinet. She's going to call the cabinet people and have them deal with their krap. Now maybe If I had some thicker flooring it would not have been an issue

- TONI YANG (Florissant, MO), 05/16/2019

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