Forum Title: Buckled Bamboo because the home wasn't being occupied.
The home has some really expensive lock together bamboo flooring. It's only been installed for a little over a year. The home has been for sale for most of a year, and hasn't been occupied (or heated) Because of that, it has some serious buckling at both ends of a room/rooms. At one end is an outside wall, and at the opposite side of the house, the flooring is (was) contained by what looks to be a 12 foot wide glued and nailed bull nose molding at a wide step down. I didn't have time to do anything today, so I told the brand new home owner to turn the heat on and leave it at 68 or so. Before I left, I measured two spots to see how high the bucked area was. One end of the room, right next to the wall is 1 inch tall, and it's 7/8 of an inch 6 feet away along that same wall. The home owner will be heading back to South Dakota, and will be back sometime late next week. I figured to go back down then and re-measure the height of those two buckled spots to see how much a weeks worth of heat helps the floor. I can then remove the moldings and trim the floor so it has the appropriate gap along the walls. My question is, should I just go ahead and remove the moldings and trim the end boards to relieve tension................. or go ahead and wait a week with the heating system on just to see how much they begin to shrink and flatten by itself. (Yes, I do know that it will need trimming even if it does shrink down enough to lay flat) It's been buckled for months, so waiting another week won't hurt anything. Or should I go back down tomorrow and remove the base boards anyway? ...........I got nothing else to do. I'll draw a picture for ya. I didn't measure the span end to end, or side to side. I only stopped at this place for a quick look-see then went on to my restretch. This is place is 30 minutes or so south of town. It's a pretty wide span. One side of a house to the other I think is around 35, to 40 feet? I was told by them that they have a couple extra boxes of planks.
Category: Flooring Post By: MATTIE REEVES (Binghamton, NY), 03/12/2019

Here's sorta what the layout looks like. Product is named Bamboo with Cork. It's a solid strand woven bamboo construction with a micro bevel. It's a Select a floor from the Voyager Collection. 1/2 inch thick and approved on all grades. The stairnose trim is literally being pushed off of the step and it looks like the plank is actually trying to go under it. Weird. The nose will certainly have to be replaced and so will the row or boards that connect to it. At the bottom side of the drawing is where the floor has a 1 inch high buckle because there must have been no gap left between the floor and the wall when it was installed. There are buckles showing all throughout this installation to varying degrees, tho not nearly as much as at each end. The hall and office area look fine. Re-acclimation is gonna take quite a while me thinks, so the stairnose can't be dealt with until that time. A month maybe more? I don't have a clue. The home's new owner will definitely keep the home's temperature stable from this point forwards. It's a really cool looking floor.

- Ed Monroe (San Francisco, CA), 05/16/2019

why would it buckle with the heat off? here in new england wood shrinks in the winter---you can lose a pencil in the cracks in february and its tighter than a frogs ass in june---i know this is a floater but the same concept applies---my guess is when the heat comes on you will have a trampoline---then its on to the usual suspects---expansion gaps on the perimeter and transitions that dont allow the float---i would also check the specs but a 35 foot run without a t-moulding seems to really push the floors limitations

- TED BUSH (Las Vegas, NV), 05/15/2019

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