Epoxy Concrete Floor Sealers – How to Choose One

Best Local emergency contractors - Talk To An Expert - Forum - . DIY concrete sealers are typically clear, single-component formulas applied as liquids. The result will be effective as a short-term dust-reducer and add a touch of sheen. Unlike more sophisticated epoxy or polyurethane systems, which typically involve proper mechanical preparation of the substrate, multiple steps and experienced installers, concrete sealers often enable a layperson to successfully seal a concrete surface ..More

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Epoxy Floors vs. Polished Concrete: What’s the Difference?

Popular industrial contractors - Homeowner Forum Pages - . If the floor is light to medium general service and will not be exposed to harsh chemicals, extreme pH substances, wet processing, food production or packaging, toxins or potential environmental contaminants and the like, then polished concrete may be an adequate, relatively low-cost solution. However, because polished floors require regular re-polishing or other professional maintenance, they may not be ideal for some 24/7 or mission critical operations; any facility choosing polished floors should be willing to budget for and schedule the rerouting of traffic or cordoning off of work crew areas on a routine basis ..More

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Food Safe Epoxy Flooring: What You Need to Know

Search and locate certified contractors - Repair DIY Wikipedia - Also included are guidelines for safe food facility construction, including the selection and installation of appropriate food processing flooring. Best practices for proper sanitation of equipment, safe food handling techniques and workers’ personal hygiene routines are among agencies’ recommendations and mandates. . Because safety is must be carefully monitored at every step of food production, agencies such as the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) impose stringent regulations governing the conditions in facilities that process foods and beverages ..More

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Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring Systems – Are They Right for Your Project?

Search and locate commercial contractors - Repair Service blogspot - Repair, Maintenance & installation - Epoxy terrazzo is also popular because different segments of floor can be divided by strips of metal and given different colors to create beautiful patterns or delineate various areas. With the development of the epoxy variation of traditional terrazzo flooring came a whole new range of color options, and the style became less expensive and more accessible to a wider population. . Epoxy terrazzo flooring is a popular option for a number of reasons – the flakes create a beautifully textured surface, reflecting light in a way that can imitate marble, quartz, or any number of high quality finishes. Differently colored shapes and figures can also be installed by bending the metal dividers into the desired shape ..More

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