Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring Systems – Are They Right for Your Project?

Top 10 commercial contractors - Advice, Tips, Helpful Forum Pages - Despite its aesthetic appeal, the fact remains that epoxy terrazzo can often be an impractical option for a number of reasons, the first of which is that it’s simply an expensive choice to both install and maintain. . Terrazzo installation is highly specialized, requiring older, high labor intensive techniques that only a limited number of contractors still perform. The scarcity of skilled contractors and the installation hours required contribute to terrazzo’s high cost of labor, compared to other fluid-applied flooring ..More

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Advantages of Epoxy Flooring for Spas, Saunas and Wet Rooms

Locate technicians - Service Contractor Forum Pages - These designs typically include a drain set close to the middle of the wet room, with the floors gently sloping towards it to facilitate drainage. The consistent levels of high humidity and fluctuating temperatures found in spas and saunas place unique demands on the materials used in the construction of these types of facilities. . Wet rooms are also increasing in popularity, both in private residences and facilities such as high end gyms, hotels, and spas. A wet room is a type of bathroom where the shower, instead of being a separated element, uses a floor that is flush with that of the rest of the bathroom and is separated by a single wall or panel ..More

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How Thick Should an Epoxy Floor Coating Be?

Directory Listing Of certified contractors - Residential Blog Faqs - A common question for people new to the world of epoxy floor coatings and resinous flooring is: How thick are these coating systems? There’s no one simple answer, because the truth is that there is a wide range of acceptable thicknesses, and proper selection of an epoxy floor coating system takes a number of critical factors, including how thick the floor should be, into consideration. ..More

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Epoxy Concrete Floor Sealers – How to Choose One

Top 10 residential contractors - Repair & Troublshooting Blogs - . Even common spills can leave long-lasting stains and without proper treatment, prolonged exposure to moisture can cause structural harm to the foundation. Unsealed concrete is porous and not moisture resistant. Bare concrete slabs can be a great foundation for flooring systems in a variety of commercial and industrial settings, but concrete alone without a sealer probably won’t be enough to achieve the results desired. Though concrete may seem like a tough material in the context of daily life, it will chip and scratch when subjected to vehicle traffic and other heavy loads. Unsealed concrete will also produce dust that can be toxic to sensitive individuals when inhaled ..More

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