Food Safe Epoxy Flooring: What You Need to Know

Directory Listing Of commercial contractors - Home Contractor Forums - Also included are guidelines for safe food facility construction, including the selection and installation of appropriate food processing flooring. Because safety is must be carefully monitored at every step of food production, agencies such as the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) impose stringent regulations governing the conditions in facilities that process foods and beverages. Best practices for proper sanitation of equipment, safe food handling techniques and workers’ personal hygiene routines are among agencies’ recommendations and mandates. ..More

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How Hundreds of People Saved Time and Money by Shopping at Home

Top 10 commercial contractors - Talk To Contractors - Forum - ”. “In-home estimating offers many benefits,” Leen says. “I can double check measurements, see the fabric and paint colors in the actual light, and be sure the furniture we select will fit the room. ..More

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Epoxy Floors vs. Polished Concrete: What’s the Difference?

Popular professional contractors - Service Professional Forums - . When deciding upon an industrial flooring solution, many facilities find themselves struggling to choose between polished concrete and an epoxy flooring system. Epoxy flooring systems, on the other hand, typically consist of multiple layers of various two-component coatings that get fluid-applied to a mechanically prepared concrete surface and which chemically cure to form a durable, impervious and protective coating possessing a variety of special performance and aesthetic characteristics. Both use concrete slabs as the foundation substrate, but they provide two very different types of flooring surfaces better suited for different types of environments. Polished concrete is created by repeatedly running specialized industrial grinding machines with ever finer polishing heads across a treated concrete slab to form a smooth, burnished surface ..More

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Flooring Trend: Epoxy Flooring with Flakes

Popular nationwide industrial contractors - Repair issues related conversations - . With an epoxy flooring system, facility managers and designers need not choose between functional features and aesthetic appeal. Well-selected and professionally installed epoxy flooring can accommodate and correct sloping and uneven concrete, impart additional strength and help protect the integrity of the concrete slab. Epoxy floors are favored in a wide variety of commercial, institutional and industrial settings for their durability, scratch resistance, and seamless, easy-to-clean surfaces. Because these systems are installed as liquids that cure into a virtually seamless, monolithic surface, the grout lines associated with tile floors and the gaps seen in panel floor systems are avoided – as are the tiny crevices in which debris and microbes love to gather, and which are almost impossible to clean effectively ..More

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Epoxy Concrete Floor Sealers – How to Choose One

Top 10 Best residential contractors - Pro Forums Faq Pages - . For best results, ask your resinous coating manufacturer to connect you with the appropriate local, factory-approved contractor to install your new high-performance floor ..More

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